Beyond EUDAT2020


We are at the beautiful city of Krakow to attend the Beyond EUDAT2020 event. Some very interesting topics are being discussed.

Next steps for long-term support of the EUDAT solutions

It was pointed out that the user agreements for solutions such as Figshare, Dryad or ResearchGate reserve the right to discontinue their service at any time they deem necessary. This poses obvious concerns for researchers who opt to use these platforms for long-term deposit of their data and/or publications.

Handling sensitive data in research contexts and from a data provider point of view

What are the authentication, encryption and access level mechanisms that must be in place when a data infrastructure is designed to handle sensitive data. This kind of data includes not only the obvious examples such as people’s clinical data but also endangered species sightings, for example. After all, poachers also have access to the Internet and to public data repositories.


The next steps for our DataPublication@UPorto data pilot: We have decided to migrate our Dendro platform‘s deposit workflow to the upcoming B2Share API V2. Further developments on better metadata sharing with the EUDAT infrastructure are also planned.

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