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Dendro is now available as a Docker image

Resultado de imagem para docker

Good news everyone! Dendro is now available as a Docker image for lightning-fast deployments.

Try it out:

For production installations we recommend reading up on our installation scripts and using those instead, as you can customize the settings to your particular deployment scenario.

Data Citation roadmap for Scholarly Data Repositories

A Data Citation Roadmap for Scholarly Data Repositories

This article presents a practical roadmap for scholarly data repositories to implement data citation in accordance with the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles (Data Citation Synthesis Group, 2014), a synopsis and harmonization of the recommendations of major science policy bodies. The roadmap was developed by the Repositories Early Adopters Expert Group, part of the Data Citation Implementation Pilot (DCIP) project (FORCE11, 2015), an initiative of and the NIH BioCADDIE (2016) program. The roadmap makes 11 specific recommendations, grouped into three phases of implementation: a) required steps needed to support the Joint Declaration of Data Citation Principles, b) recommended steps that facilitate article/data publication workflows, and c) optional steps that further improve data citation support provided by data repositories.


A really interesting article about data citation. The idea of adding JSON-ld to the page headers may be interesting for SEO in Dendro.



FactForge – A potential source of interesting facts for LOD applications

“FactForge is an open-access platform that you can use as a convenient entry point to the web of interconnected data. It is Ontotext’s Web application based on GraphDB, that allows everyone to explore some of the most central Linked Open Data datasets alongside and in connection to news and newly published data such as the Panama papers and Trump Data World (coming soon).

Offering access to more than a billion of facts, FactForge includes datasets from DBPedia (the structured version of the Wikipedia encyclopedia), Geonames (a worldwide geographical database containing over 10 million geographical names), Wordnet (a semantic dictionary for English where words “are grouped into sets of cognitive synonyms”), WorldFacts (a dataset about countries, languages, currencies and other related information) and more. You can check the entire list of datasets in FactForge – Open Data and News about People, Organizations and Locations.”


Exploring Linked Open Data with FactForge

Do you write a lot of Bash scripts? Please try this

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To write the scripts for deployment of Dendro, we recently found shellcheck, an open-source checker for bash scripts. You can try it out online here.

Combined with the power of the Atom, someone created linter-shellcheck, a linter for bash scripts that helps you spot those minor mistakes that end up costing a huge amount of time when writing for Vagrant deployment.

First, install shellcheck. On the Mac, I used the following:

brew install shellcheck

shellcheck -V

Then, install Atom and the linter-shellcheck plugin.

Welcome to XXI century bash programming.