labtablet_launcher2Unified metadata production

2014 – TODAY

Describing research data is often a cumbersome task that researchers tend to ignore. The consequences of these difficulties range from undescribed data that prevents any interpretation from third parties, up to research publications that are not associated with the data that supported them in the first place.

Taking this problem into consideration, LabTablet’s main purpose relates to facilitate the metadata production, while also considering the existing standards for its representation. Furthermore, as it is a mobile application, LabTablet can take advantage of the built-in sensors to automatically gather essential metadata such as the location where the data was collected. In addition to these features, it is also possible to import resources from other devices and include them in the package that is sent to the repository. The overall results of using this application often relate to better contextualized datasets and the active involvement of researchers in the description of their data.



Source code available on Github.